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Through centuries and continents, our ancestors have been observing the nature, and have acquired a knowledge about plants and their therapeutic effects they have been sharing.African pharmacopeia is among the therapeutic treasures passed down from generation to generation to trustworthy people.

The results obtained from research and scientific analysis of traditional practices lead to the creation of 2 products in our laboratory : the Desmopar®, the first food supplement Desmodium based, and  the Sélongénine®, a unique and specific product to the CRP.

Desmodium Adscendens is available in various forms :

Sachet 100g of dry plant : Desmodium Adscendens
Concentrated solution in a 150 ml bottle : DESMOPAR®

Box of 60 capsules : Desmopar® Fort 10

Box of 60 capsules : Desmopar® 5

Equivalence :

A daily decoction made with 10g of dry plant equals to 20ml of Desmopar® solute per day, or to 3 capsules of Desmopar Fort (add 1 litre of water for the last 2 options).

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