About Us

Situated near Toulouse, the Centre de Recherches Phytothérapiques (Phytotherapic Research Centre, CRP) is a small laboratory, with a friendly team attentive to customers and health professionals.

What makes CRP special is the fact that since 1982, we produce and dispatch extracts from three innovative and renown African plants, brought to France by the medical practitioners Pierre and Anne-Marie Tubéry.

Development and research activities are conducted in collaboration with public and private organisations, in order to highlight traditional knowledge observed for 50 years and provide products in accordance with European regulations.

This expertise has been recently applied to a wider range of plants, traditionally used in Europe.

The quality of our food supplements and our cosmetics is guaranteed by:

-    Careful selection of source materials,
-    production sourced in France
-    selection of accurate synergetic combinations
-    control of the quality of extractions.

This experience is continuously shared and developed with general public and health professionals throughout public conferences.

Our roots

Although created in 1982, the Centre de Recherches Phytothérapiques is the result of many years of knowledge and techniques.

After completing its medical studies, Dr Tubéry decided to work in remote Africa where medical doctors were scarce (1 for 50 000 people). Along with his wife Anne-Marie Claustres, he arrived in the North of Cameron and proceeded to manage the clinic of Mayo Ouldénie. He then observed surprising results obtained by traditional practitioners who were treating some diseases resilient to occidental medicine.

Pierre Tubéry met healers, known as “venerables” and learned the ancestral practices.

In 1965, Dr Tubéry arrived in Algeria, where he devoted his time into researching and studying 3 particular African plants, and he continued his research when he returned to France in 1967. He then met Jacqueline Ragot, a pharmacist, researcher and doctor of sciences, whose knowledge and skills in chemistry and pharmacology enhanced his research. Together they created the Centre de Recherches Phytothérapiques. This collaboration lead to the first scientific publications on these 3 African plants, as well as patents and the production of innovative products.

Our ethic

Ethic ? Moral values that we apply to our primary concern - people’s well-being.

For decades, we are an independent research centre that has been preparing and distributing plant extracts unknown before. This is the story of a doctor’s endeavour to bring innovative health solutions based on African ethno-medicine.

We strive to:
-    be attentive to practitioners willing to fulfill their patients' needs
-    develop specific high-quality products.

The need to reach a certain efficiency made us choose methods tried and tested for years. Your first guarantee is in the fact that we have kept the principles learnt from the traditional practitioners. Their methods and practices have been thoroughly researched and we make sure we closely follow them.

Modern high-tech extraction processes have enabled us to improve the quality and to guarantee the absolute safety of our products.

The improvement of allopathy defines our ethical philosophy.

Our reverence to these African countries for entrusting us with this ancient knowledge by our promotion of a “return to Africa”: this knowledge analysed and improved with occidental methods, should indeed benefit the creators of these techniques - the African people.