Trianox® provides silicon. It boosts collagene and elastine and is abundantly found in hyaluronic acid. Silicon is also an important element of the arterial lining. For optimum effect, we recommend to take simultaneously Trianox® and Proselem®.

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2 capsules per day.


Pill organiser of 60 capsules.


For 2 capsules :

Algae Spirulina Silicide 350 mg (silicium 6mg) Grape Polyphenol (25mg), Olive Polyphenol (25mg).


This product is no substitute for a balanced diet and a healthy way of life. Follow the directions for use, the recommended daily dosage and the expiration date.

This is not recommended for pregnant women or breast-feeding, and for children under 15 years-old, unless advised by a medical practitioner. Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool dry area.

This product is a food supplement, not a medicine.

In any matter relating to health, please always contact a qualified healthcare practitioner.

Did you know ?

Silicon is the most abundant crucial trace element, even before iron !

We lose a lot of silicon in ageing…

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